Our Services

We take pride in putting our expertise to use in your garden and taking the hassle out of maintaining your outdoor areas so you can simply love your garden ... without the hassle of maintaining it yourself.

Garden Maintenance

Let us cut your grass, trim your hedges, control your weeds, give you advice about your garden design and planting schemes.

Garden / Site Clearing

Just bought a fixer upper and need a garden cleared or makeover?  Developing a site but need it cleared?  Let us help.

Design / Installation

We can work with you to conceptualize and plan, install and plant up your dream garden.

High Pressure Cleaning

Let us high pressure clean your hard garden surfaces for you.  This is a quick way to give your garden a facelift.

Tree Felling / Pruning

Let us fell your small to medium trees for you in a safe manner or trim back your  trees to an ideal shape and size.

Extra Love

We can do your more intensive weed or pest control, fertilising, mulching, composting, or any other love your garden needs.

Get in touch today if your garden needs some love